Tooth extraction

Unfortunately a tooth can’t always be saved by filling or root-canal treatment, sometimes it has to be extracted, pulled out.

If you expect to have your tooth removed, bring the list of medications you take, amongst which the anticoagulant drugs are particularly important.

The extraction of the tooth is preceded by an ananesthetic injection, which comes with a sligth amount of short-term pain.

You can take out the gauze covering the wound 20 minutes after the extraction. Sucking or rinsing the spot of the removed tooth is prohibited, as it can dissolve the clot that builds in the lesion for the sake of stopping the bleeding. With time this blood clot turns to a yellowish color, which is only natural and is not to be confused with sanies.

Don’t smoke for at least two hours after the extraction. Try to minimize the amount of smoking in general, as it hinders the healing process.

You are not allowed to consume egg or dairy produts on the day of the extraction. Also don’t do hard physical work, and skip training and workout for the day. Eat only after the numbness passes away.

The pain after the procedure is natural, feel free to take painkillers if necessary. The prescribed antibiotic treatment should be followed through to the end. It is recommended to take some probiotics as well. In case of allergic reaction or diarrhea stop taking the antibiotics and report back to us on such complaints.

Apply cold water poultice to the swollen face.

Sensitivity can occur for a few days in the spot of the removed tooth.