Dental bleaching

Besides the genetic condition of an individual, one’s lifestyle also influences the time it takes for the teeth to start turning to a yellowish color.

Smoking, drinking plenty of cofee, inadequate brushing or even a disease can bring forth the discoloration.

The professional dental bleaching, which is only to be performed by certified dentists, assures that your teeth become whiter for a long period of time. This lengthy and maticulous procedure can take up to one and a half hour. At first the gingivals are covered with a protective layer, then the whitening material is applied to the teeth. The dentil gets illumintaed by a particularly high power LED light. This process is repeated several times.

The treatment concludes with the teeth becoming whiter for every patient, but the magnitude of the difference depends on the individual. There are some patients with a few shades of impovement, and some step out of the dentist’s surgery with a dazzling white dentil after the procedure.