Homeopathic healing is not a neflanged concept. Some old proverbs prove this: “Hair of the dog that bit you”. Meaning that our ancestors knew the basic principle of homeopathy: treat the problem with the same or similar substance.

The natural agents are spayed to the surface of sweet globules in thickness of microns during the manufacturing process. All you have to do is suck them, like candy.

Homeopathy is nowadays often questioned with the reasoning of not knowing the mechanism of its action or that it’s not possible to get healed without drugs…

Nevertheless there are many working things in the world of unkown principle of operation. However homeopathy works: the nervous system of earl István Széchenyi did not collapse until his physician (who treated him with homeopathic substances) passed away.

Homeopathy is not a cure-all, but can heal many common problems: allergy, digestive issues, diarrhea, constipation, skin diseases and warts, cold, flu, herpes, sports ijuries, and a long list of others.

That is you can heal through homeopathic treatment in a natural way, without taking drugs and the chemicals within them.

One has to take half to one hour of time for homeopathic counseling, as before prescribing the appropriate compound, the patients have to be questioned thoroughly.